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The Concrete Aeditor – ready and raring to go

We achieved an important milestone with our partner and customer Glatthaar STARWALLS towards launching the first industrial plant using the Robotic Shotcrete Printing 3D printing process for manufacturing precast concrete elements.

It was an emotional moment in otherwise sober surroundings: the Concrete Aeditor is set up, all components of the modular container system are installed, and the control software is fully configured. A tangible success for our operations team and Glatthaar STARWALLS Managing Director Mark Biesalski, who is building one of the globally most advanced plants for precast concrete in the Black Forest town of Schramberg.

Glatthaar STARWALLS prides itself on the success of its “innovative and down-to-earth” company culture, and indeed the new concrete printing system is a clear case in point: Seamlessly embedded in the conventional manufacturing process, our high-tech 3D printer will soon automate the production of retaining walls, bridge elements and other load-bearing concrete elements for use in infrastructure projects, while also optimizing the consumption of materials. This is made possible by our unique Robotic Shotcrete Printing process, which is not only able to integrate standard reinforcements, but also does not require any kind of formwork.

We are currently conducting a series of dry runs to optimally prepare the Concrete Aeditor for the grand opening of the new production facility in May (and, in the process, coming up with a lot of great ideas to pursue with Glatthaar STARWALLS…).

All companies engaged in the manufacturing of precast concrete elements can leverage the benefits of digital transformation, irrespective of their current technology level. Let us amaze you with our turnkey 3D printing solutions and a personalized timetable for your company – you will be surprised!

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