About Us Mission, People & Milestones

Our Company

Founded in 2019, Aeditive is a high-tech startup located in Norderstedt, next to Hamburg. With our robotic 3D printing solutions we digitalize the construction industry. We increase productivity and sustainability in construction so that people have a place to live, climate is preserved, and workspaces in concrete production become safer and healthier.

Our Sites

Our team works out of two sites:

Lab in Norderstedt

Oststr. 58
22844 Norderstedt


Office in Hamburg

c/o Factory Hammerbrooklyn
Stadtdeich 2-4
20097 Hamburg

Our team

Alexander Türk

CEO & Co-Founder

Mathematician. Ex-strategy-consultant. Responsible for strategy and finance. Spends his time off in the mountains or on the sea.

Hendrik Lindemann

Head of Solutions & Co-Founder

Architect by training. Expert for digital manufacturing. Mastermind behind our algorithms and 3D software guru. Traveling by bike, that't his thing.

Aeditive Roman Gerbers

Roman Gerbers

Head of Automation Engineering & Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer and automation expert. Leads our hardware development and is responsible for control systems. Snowboarder and fan of Germany's North Sea.

Aeditive Niklas Nolte

Niklas Nolte

Head of Concrete Engineering & Co-Founder

Civil Engineer and expert for concrete. Creates our concrete recipes. Oversees Aeditive's internal operations. Passionate skier.

Our team

Danko Rumi

Director of Engineering

Mechanical engineering, MBA and puns. Experienced R&D-allrounder with a passion for technology and culture. Responsible for aengineering. Always up for sports, travelling and Nutella.

Philipp Thiemann

Head of Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Doctorate in mechanical engineering. Former development manager in machine tool manufacturing. Responsible for mechatronics and documentation. In his spare time he likes to spend his time with sand on his feet or with a surfboard in the sea.

Stefan Hain

Lab Mechanic

Industrial mechanic and our machine doctor. In charge of the technical implementation of all hardware improvements and innovations at our demo site in Norderstedt. Meet him bouldering and traveling during his time off.

Mahmoud Mustafa

Production support

Production support. Likes trying out new things. Spends time with his family, most likely in nature. Enjoys watching soccer and playing FIFA.

Maui Pomare

Lab Assistant

Helping hand in our hardware lab. Keeps the spirits up even if things don't go according to plan. Passionate rugby player.

Janet Zani-Mc Kenzie Fuentes

Team Assistant

Trained business assistant specializing in foreign languages. Responsible for office organization and support of the team. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family in nature or traveling.

Daniel Basedow

Head of Software Engineering

Software engineer, hardware fan, founded companies before. Responsible for algorithms and interfaces. Sails and bikes at any weather.

Claudia Cristini

Intern in our operations team

Current Business Management student in London. Intern in our operations team. Responsible for designing scalable processes. Loves skiing and watersports.

Aeditive digital construction concrete 3d printing work culture office

How we work

Technology is our DNA. To find the best solution to a problem is our motivation. At the same time we maintain a pragmatic attitude and work closely with our customers to understand their reality. Open feedback from both, team mates and customers, is a natural thing to us. Variety in terms of expertise and character is what makes our team stand out.

What we have achieved and the road in front of us


Initiation of technology development by Aeditive's team as part of academic research


Conclusion of preparatory research work


Foundation of Aeditive GmbH, closing of venture capital financing round


Operational ramp-up of Concrete Aeditor demonstrator facility


Manufacturing of prototype elements on our demonstrator facility jointly with select pilot customers


Planned first production deployment of the Concrete Aeditor at pilot customer