Concrete Aeditor
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Aeditive Concrete Aeditor 3d printer externel perspective robots

Revolutionizes efficiency

High degree of automation increases productivity of existing teams.

No waste from moulds and concrete savings preserve the climate.

No-mould process permits flexibility in production planning.

Fewer defects and higher quality thanks to digital process.

Certainty in scheduling based on precise simulation capabilities.

We think in solutions

Operating concept

The Concrete Aeditor comes with all hardware and software components required for its operation. Concrete recipes and material calibration are, too, included in the solution package. Simply turnkey.  Thereby it can be used by existing teams at our customers – without need for extensive training.

Digital process integration

Get from plan to finished elements flexibly and in no time thanks to the fully digital process chain. Important KPIs are documented along the production process, e.g., for quality assurance purposes. An integration with software tools from the BIM (building information modeling) category is planned.


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Pricing model
Flexibility thanks to usage-based pricing

To us, innovation does not stop at the product. Our business and pricing models, too, have been designed inline with customer preferences.

We believe in flexibility and transparency in pricing, in partnerships and collaborations, as well as in shared chances and risks from deploying new technology.

We provide our Concrete Aeditor with volume-based billing. It would be our pleasure to present the details to you in a face-to-face conversation!

Aeditive Robotic Shotcrete Printing

Robotic Shotcrete Printing (RSP)

RSP is based on the classic and normed shotcrete process. It produces elements of excellent material qualities. The process has been developed by our team as part of their academic research. At its very core and center is the custom spraying nozzle developed by Aeditive.