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June 19, 2023, Bauen & Wohnen TV

Fertigteile aus dem 3D-Drucker

Bauen & Wohnen visits our partner Glatthaar Starwalls in the Black Forest: The report sheds light on the large-scale production process of our 3D-printed precast components, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Concrete Aeditor, and explains our Robotic Shotcrete Printing process and the cost of elements. (in German)


April 2023, CPi Concrete Plant International, ed 2.2023, page 152

Glatthaar relies on robot-driven concrete 3D printing to ensure long-term productivity and delivery reliability

What exactly are these new production methods about, and how do they affect traditional precast processes? Having recently introduced tech start-up Aeditive’s 3D Robotic Shotcrete Printing solution Concrete Aeditor, Black Forest-based Glatthaar Starwalls can provide some answers.


October 26, 2022, Allgemeine Bauzeitung

3D-Druck mit Spritzbeton

CEO and co-founder Alexander Türk reveals to Z LAB managing director Wulf Bickenbach how robots can manufacture concrete components on-the-go and how he envisions the collaboration between humans and robots on the construction site of the future. (in German)


July 7, 2022, Bauingenieur

Der neue Kollege macht Druck

The plant technology is in place, the employees are trained – Glatthaar Starwalls starts the production of precast concrete elements with our 3D printer. (in German)


June 25, 2022, Hamburger Abendblatt

Kopfprämie auf dem Bau – Personalnot immer dramatischer

Are automation and digitalization the answer? How Aeditive helps its customers to meet the shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry. (in German)


April 13, 2022, Roland Berger Construction Startup Radar

Robotic 3D printing for the concrete industry

As part of the “Construction Startup Radar” interview series, Aeditive founder Alexander Türk talks to strategy consultancy Roland Berger about his experience as the CEO of a technology start-up, innovation drivers and digital trends as well as the specific challenges of a very traditional industry.


March 25, 2022, WirtschaftsWoche

Wenn die Brücke aus dem 3D-Drucker kommt

Traditional southern-German family business and technology start-up from up North – what happens when worlds collide? German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche reports on our partnership with Glatthaar STARWALLS. (in German)


March 4, 2022, Allgemeine Bauzeitung

Glatthaar investiert in 3D-Druck-Verfahren

The prefabricated basement manufacturer Glatthaar Keller has acquired a stake in the high-tech start-up Aeditive through its holding company.
“With this step, we are underlining our leading role in the industry and setting the course for the future,” emphasizes Joachim Glatthaar, managing partner of the Glatthaar Group. (in German)


November 11, 2021, Baugewerbe

Glatthaar und Aeditive realisieren 3D-Druck am Bau

Starting in December Glatthaar Starwalls, part of the Glatthaar Group, and Hamburg-based start-up Aeditive are entering into a strategic partnership to drive the prefabrication of structural precast concrete elements for the construction industry via a shotcrete 3D printing solution. (in German)