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Scaling new heights: Claudius ensures smooth operations in the Engineering Lab

As a former industrial climber and wind turbine service technician, Claudius Sommer clearly likes to reach for the top. Lucky for us, because he now oversees the setup, configuration, and maintenance of the Concrete Aeditor – in our demonstration facility in Norderstedt, but also on-site with our customers when hands-on support is needed.

When Claudius moves about on his forklift, expertly supplying the Concrete Aeditor with everything it needs for 3D printing, he is on familiar ground. With a background in building materials testing, there is little he doesn’t know about concrete, and his experience in environmental engineering means he is finely attuned to our key driver sustainability.

One aspect he particularly enjoys about his role as a service technician at Aeditive is the openness within the team, which allows him to make meaningful contributions despite being the “new kid on the block”. On Claudius’s initiative, we have recently optimized our storage system, further streamlining the workflows in our demonstration facility.

Even in his leisure time, Claudius cannot stay earthbound for long. When he’s not riding his longboard, you will find him up to lofty heights in the indoor bouldering center.  In addition to a wide range of sporting activities, Claudius also enjoys creative projects and loves to treat family and friends to culinary experiments or handmade wooden objects.

Welcome aboard, Claudius!

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