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A world first: a steel-reinforced retaining wall straight from the 3D printer

The quality of the component, a retaining wall with a multitude of use cases, equals that of conventional versions produced using formwork. This milestone is a testament to the dedication of our team and the support of our partner and launch customer, Glatthaar Starwalls. Their collaboration has been invaluable as we take significant steps toward the digital transformation of the construction industry.

This achievement is not just a win for us; it signifies progress in redefining construction methodologies. The steel-reinforced retaining wall printed with our Concrete Aeditor represents a shift in how we approach structural design, promising to support a number of practical applications.

It goes without saying that this milestone is a starting point rather than an endpoint—a launchpad for further progress and opportunities for the Concrete Aeditor and our 3D printing technology. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries and continue our efforts towards increased automation and sustainability in the construction industry.

If you want your precast concrete plant to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to economic developments and market trends and to cover a broad product portfolio flexibly and at the highest level of quality, then get in touch!


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Concrete Aeditor, Technologies & Trends

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Concrete Aeditor, Technologies & Trends

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