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The Aeditive spraying nozzle – the smart heart of 3D shotcrete printing

Our Concrete Aeditor 3D printer consists of several hundred components – so what’s so special about the spraying nozzle?

The concrete spraying nozzle is the centrepiece of our 3D printing solution and the enabling technology for our unique Robotic Shotcrete Printing process. Unlike the more widely known extrusion printers, the Concrete Aeditor is able to flexibly apply the concrete to steel and other reinforcements using high kinetic energy. And this is THE key capability for establishing an automated, material-efficient manufacturing process for load-bearing concrete components with a wide range of industrial applications, for example in infrastructure projects.

True to everyone’s favourite innovation quote “There’s no good idea that cannot be improved on”, we are committed to extending our technological advantage and are constantly working on technical and functional upgrades.

The newest generation of the Aeditive spraying nozzle does not only look smart, but its sleek white casing also hides a more intelligent and neater interior. We’ve streamlined the electrics as well as the hose and pipe layout and improved the interface between the spraying nozzle and the print head to prevent blockages.

Our users benefit from higher productivity and shorter downtimes, because the smart design of our new spraying nozzle means it’s easier to handle and requires a lot less time for maintenance and cleaning.

The spraying nozzle plays a key part in the industrial application of our Robotic Shotcrete Printing method and in advancing the digital and ecological transformation of the construction industry – watch the Concrete Aeditor in action and see for yourself!


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