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Meet Jürgen, our new automation expert.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Aeditive line-up, Jürgen Lindenau, an automation maestro with a passion for Heavy Metal.

Jürgen doesn’t just work with machines; he orchestrates them with great finesse. With his background in mechanical engineering specializing in automation and control engineering, he is the right guy for the job, whether it’s optimizing processes, fine-tuning robotic precision, or making sure everything runs like clockwork.

But tech wizard Jürgen isn’t just about gears and circuits – he is also a devoted family man and passionate metalhead. When he is not spending quality time with his loved ones (preferably in, on or near water), you will find him expertly savoring thunderous beats and electrifying riffs.

Great to have him on board adding his expertise, drive, and unique personality to the Aeditive team. Welcome, Jürgen!

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Team & Company

Hello there, new faces!

The Aeditive team is growing steadily, giving us additional capacity to develop our business and 3D printing technology. But newcomers like Chief of Staff Simon Viezens and Lab Mechatronic Konstantin Larin aren’t just an extra pair of hands – their unique perspectives help to keep our thinking fresh and our technology cutting-edge.

Team & Company

Bye-bye office, hello nature

Our regular Team Offsites are all about leaving daily routines behind, experiencing yourself as part of a larger team away from your home office, co-working space or lab and about soaking up the tranquil atmosphere to come up with fresh ideas of how to best collaborate and achieve our goals together.

Team & Company

Unleashing team spirit

Analyzing problems, brainstorming solutions, implementing them as a team and pulling together. It’s usually a great idea.