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Bye-bye office, hello nature

Our regular Team Offsites are all about leaving daily routines behind, experiencing yourself as part of a larger team away from your home office, co-working space or lab and about soaking up the tranquil atmosphere to come up with fresh ideas of how to best collaborate and achieve our goals together.

Our latest outing into the wild provided an enjoyable mix of shared information, connecting with nature, rushing adrenaline and enjoying good food. Transparency is one of our core values, which is why it is important to us to share business updates with all employees, in an open and relaxed atmosphere. All teams get to present their news, so that everyone knows where we stand, what needs to be done and where our journey is headed.

Teamwork and all literally pulling in the same direction was needed for our high-roping adventure at the edge of the Tävsmoor nature reserve, where we navigated our way from tree to tree, balanced on wobbly rope bridges and nets and, under expert guidance, discovered personal limits and unknown talents. For those who shun physical exercise, there was a chance to showcase their craftmanship in our collaborative bridge-building activity – uncharacteristically for us, without using any form of concrete… 😊

A particular highlight of our Offsite was the guest presentation by Artem Kuchukov. Artem is the co-founder and CEO of KEWAZO, one of the leading construction robotics startups in the world. He give impressive insights into his experiences since starting the company, especially the setbacks and moments of joy that he and his team have gone through to turn their business idea into reality. We could relate to many of his experiences, some things are still ahead of us, but in any case we were able to take away a lot from Artem.

All in all, two days which will stay with us for a long time, and a great opportunity for the team to celebrate our achievements and to look at the big picture with some distance from our day-to-day business.

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Team & Company

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